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car horn police siren horns air horns emergency light

A car horn sound attracts a lot of attention. Designing car horn sounds allows car builders to fit the sound of the horns to that vehicle. The main function of a horn or a siren is to alert the people from any danger. Designing a car horn or a siren thus involves a study between the need to customize the sounds and the necessity of providing appropriate warning signals. For example ? a police siren itself alerts people of its arrival.

With a particular type of siren itself, you are able to know whether it's an ambulance or a fire brigade. A large variety of car horns are available to fit all needs and demands of different models. From a simple electric horn to novelty and musical horns, to air horns, you can find the horn that best fits the need for your car, truck or your motorcycle.

These modern horns and sirens are easy to install and come with complete instructions. Here are some of important types of car horns you can choose from: Air Horns ? there are dual and triple tone air horns, easy to install in minutes and produce a Big-Rig sound. These come in different sizes to fit a car, truck or a motorcycle and complete with all mounting hardware.

These real air horns require an air system which is available with the complete locomotive air horn and air system kit or separately. If you want a big powerful sound for your truck horn, you can go for a Powerhouse or for long horns. These deliver big, loud air horn blasts that are twice as powerful as conventional factory horns and are suitable to for all weather conditions.

Musical horns ? want to add La Cucaracha or Jingle Bells to your car or a truck? No. of horns are available with any new song you want. Horns are also available that play various sound effects. All musical horns are installed easily in 12-volt vehicles. Easy Instructions included for self installation. Electric horns ? these include electric powered trumpet horns and disc horns.

Many horn products are available for applications such as universal replacement horns for cars and trucks. These horns are extra-loud, compact, durable and deliver great performance. Big Truck horns - If you have a need of an ultra powerful horn, you can choose from this horn category. Various powerful horns are available to give any truck a true train horn sound, or just a traditional, loud blast. Motorcycle horns - Many of popular electric car horns have now been made to fit all types of motorcycles.

These motorcycle horns may be scaled down in size, but not in sound and loudness. Every vehicle should have a safety kit and emergency safety lights. An emergency light is essential to alert other vehicles in case of any emergency. It makes your vehicle's position visible to oncoming motorists and prevent it from been hit. It is great for those unexpected emergencies that can arise in your car.

Emergency kit includes assorted fuses and bulbs. To know more about these horns,sirens,police horns,emergency lights,log on to-: http://www.wolohornsusa.com.


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