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Why Data recovery should not be attempted by a novice

Data recovery is a real science and has been around for decades it spurred a new Information technology industry just solely based around the art of recovering data. So what in a nutshell is Data recovery, it is a process in which there is an attempt made to recover data stored either in databases or other storage systems such as a hard drive. There are several ways to recover data and many tools such as Hard drives, Floppy disks, memory cards as well as CDs and DVDs. The most common type of recovery is from a hard drive. There are numerous reasons why there would be a need for data recovery some of them even include natural emergencies such a fire or flood where data may have to be salvaged from damaged media stored on hard drives or magnetic tapes and disks.

Then there is the common problem of data that has been accidentally deleted or when creating a partition Deleted data recovery is commonly thought to be unrecoverable but as computer forensics have shown this is not the case, in fact there are now sold over the counter software solutions for this problem. Hard drive recovery happens during the repair of a failed drive. The first step is to transfer the data to another storage system, this can be a CD, DVD or even another hard drive there is some very good software available to help facilitate this. The recovery of data can be expensive when computers fail so it always pays to have backed up your data on a secondary storage system before this occurs. Physically damaged hard drives need to be repaired in a clean environment. Physical data recovery from a drive that has failed mechanically may not need any subsequent logical reconstruction if it can be successfully repaired, though in practice many physical repairs are followed by logical reconstruction if some data is permanently lost due to damaged disc surfaces.

A hard drive operates so that data is written onto the top and bottom of each disk surface by a separate recording head. So a hard drive with three disks will usually have six separate recording heads three for the top and three for the bottom surface. Now in a hard drive there are read and write heads when a read head fails this will cause the data to be unreadable even though it has not moved elsewhere or been deleted.

Data recovery from a hard drive is the process of extracting data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible primary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. There are much simpler cases when data may need to be retrieved some examples of this are forgotten passwords, Data stored using obsolete storage techniques that can't be read by some new technologies. There are as many ways of dealing with the problem of restoring lost information and not all techniques work with different situations. The age-old adage applies "when in doubt ask" but with a proviso ensure the person you are asking is truly knowledgeable in this field.

Disk Doctors have been providing data recovery and system backup to customers online since 1991. The friendly and knowledgeable service provided by people at Disk Doctors have gained them an international recognition and even industry awards if you'd like to ask a question or get a solution for data recovery or your in need of some hard drive recovery advice the staff from Disk doctors are happy to help you. Disk doctors is partnered with some highly respected firms and is a member of the Software industry professionals group as well as a developer member of Association Shareware professionals.

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Why Data recovery should not be attempted by a novice - Data recovery is a real science and has been around for decades it spurred a new Information technology industry just solely based around the art of recovering data.


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