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Have Fun And Play A Prank With Stink Bombs Liquid Ass Fart Spray

Have Fun And Play A Prank With Stink Bombs, Liquid Ass Fart Spray If you are a person who loves to play prank then there is great news for you. There are new mischief making ingredients called as stink bombs or liquid ass fart spray that can allow you to have unlimited fun. You will find the people clear the room in no time. All you need to do is to use them in the area you want to clear off people. These items are widely available in the flea market and can be used as a gag gift.

The one we are providing comes in a box with three items of each. No doubt, these foul smelling items are among the worst items available in the market. The Liquid Ass is another item that you can use. As soon as the Liquid Ass is sprayed, the air is filled with the smell of a rotten diaper of a baby left in scorching sun all through the day.

You get the smell of some dead animal that is well mixed with fresh poo. This Liquid Ass was seen on the Howard Stern show. The next time you feel to have some real prank joke, get your hand to a spray of Liquid Ass and use it to your heart's content.

You see the different facial contortion of people and hear their comments about the reeking smell and laugh your hearts out. Check out the online store at http://www.stink-bomb.

net/ for this item. It the nastiest fart spray that you will ever come across. A single whiff of it will make you retch. You can extend your prank by spraying the stuff on someone, which will make the person stink with the smell of fart throughout the day. The best part of our Liquid Ass is that it smells as if someone has just dumped. If Liquid Ass is used on carpet floors, you can extend the duration of the smell.

If you are using on tile floor, make sure that it is squirted on the corners so that it is not visible as reflection. Liquid Ass is available as a single bottle or a packet with 4 bottles. To use Stink Bombs where you want it to be used, take a vial of it and stamp on it in the place.

In a matter of few seconds, the area will be uproar with people running helter-skelter to leave. Preparing Stink Bombs at your home is not a very difficult job. All you need is a cup of ammonia, a max box and a glass jar with a lid. Cut off the heads of the match and put them in the jar. Add the cup of ammonia to the jar. Keep the jar for one week or more.

When you want to use this Stink Bomb, shake well the jar and keep it at the place you want the fun to see after leaving the mouth of the lid open. A good idea is to put the jar at a place where it would get knocked over and spill. If it were spilled on carpets, it would leave a brighter red spot. You can hide it in cranberry juice bottles.

The moment the bottle is spilled over, the air gets filled with a good mix of sulfur and rotten eggs to fill the room with a nasty smell of fart. In no time, you find the room being emptied of people (and animals as well).

David Long is author of this article on fart spray. Find more information about prank joke here.

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