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How careful do we have to be with oil and gas resources

Experts are striving to make us understand how important it is to use the oil and gas responsibly and how important they are in our lives. The thing we should be the most aware of is that these resources are limited, and this is why the experts are trying to find alternative fuels. While the automobile industry already has cars running on alternative fuels, most of the cars use oil and gas. People use diesel oil, gas oil, or liquefied gas.

The vehicles that use liquefied gas have their cars adapted. As in the case of natural gas, the fuel oil undergoes a process before its consumers can use it. Because of the different kinds of fuel oils, countries have different classifications about it. The fuel oil usually enters various classifications according to its composition, purpose and boiling temperature. Depending on the industry that uses oil as a fuel, it has different names. The most common names are diesel, gasoline and kerosene.

Diesel is not only useful as fuel for vehicles, but also for heating homes. In some countries equipped with w well-developed gas pipeline network, people hardly use diesel, because the gas appears as easier to use and easier to transport to the consumers. In addition, for producing energy, natural gas is still one of the best resources in terms of pollution and costs. Kerosene and jet fuel are also in the oil fuel family and they are useful for the aviation industry. Because of the high volume of kerosene a plane has on board, and because of the events from 9/11, the list of things people can carry on board of a plane is stricter.

Oil and gas need special measures for transportation and storage. Transportation, depending on the kind of fuel, takes place in tanks, barges, and pipelines. The tanks are usually useful on shorter distances and in places where there is no pipeline network. Both of them are limited resources and these resources locate in different countries.

Storage also raises concerns because of the high risk of explosion that it exists. Thus, companies usually store these resources in remote places, particularly when in the form of gas resources. The countries with the greater amounts of resources of oil and gas control the market price. The market price fluctuates according to the demand.

Moreover, it bears the influence of how small the reserves are. These resources and fuels are useful in bigger quantities during the cold seasons, when people use them for heating their homes. Natural gas resources are the biggest in Middle East, Eurasia and Africa.

In these regions, the countries with the biggest resources are Russia, Iran and Qatar. At the same time, the countries with the highest gas consumption are the United States of America, Russia and Germany. These countries set the price of some of the most important resources people use every day without even thinking about the people who spend their time trying to deliver them the resources at affordable prices. Working in a natural gas field or an oil field requires a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge in handling oil and gas.

These fields are usually in remote locations for the safety of the country's inhabitants, thus the extraction and production costs increase according to the need of relocation of the workers.

People working in this industry know the best how careful we have to be with oil and gas resources and, along with the scientists, they are trying to raise awareness on how important natural gas is in our lives.

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