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How to Avoid Mindless Unit Studies in Homeschooling

If you feel that educational organizations do not fulfill the purpose of imparting education and knowledge satisfactorily and that you are capable of doing a better job, then homeschool is the perfect solution for you. Homeschools not only instill personal values but also protect your children from the negative influence of peers. There are various educational theories and tools that can be used to implement homeschooling successfully. Some very popular methods adopted by parents of homeschoolers are: Classical education, Charlotte Mason education, Waldorf education and Maria Montessori. They may be used singularly or in combination, depending on a parents needs and preferences. The materials and tools specifically designed to serve the purpose of education are readily and easily available.

Public libraries, books of religious institutions, distance-learning programs are a few popular educational resources utilized by parents while homeschooling their kids. Workbooks and guides are commonly used to complement the teaching. However, parents need to take care that they do not end up wracking their brains on units, which have no direct connection with the main subject. While homeschooling children, many parents must certainly have encountered units with absurd topics that have no relevance or bearing with the main subject being taught. Instead of flowing naturally, they appear to be contrived.

If a unit contains a particular subject, then the topics included in it should complement the theme. Otherwise, including unrelated reading material makes it too nebulous. If a unit is based on the history of the world, then books like the Mein Kampf makes meaningful reading. Instead of concentrating on the topic at hand, if the unit tries to incorporate information on other subjects like science or math, along with history, it will not only become pointless but also confusing as well. A well-constructed unit should contain topics that are interconnected and incorporate activities that complement the subject.

The entire unit should be structured in such way that it helps the pupil to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the chosen topic. The activities should revolve around the central theme of the unit and should be carefully merged into it to facilitate better and easier understanding of the subject. Just like a fabric, activities also need to be woven diligently and patiently into a unit so that students can obtain maximum benefit from learning from them.

Sometimes, attempts are made to integrate a wide variety of diverse subjects into one unit. This usually proves very frustrating for parents as well as perplexing for the student. A unit on a scientific topic should not try to fit in unrelated topics on arts just for the sake of trying to cover two subjects at one time. Rather than wasting time on unrelated activities, units should be constructed in such a way that they advocate and reinforce the theme covered in the unit. While some units are based on scientific topics, others cover topics related to literature or music.

Hence, while tutoring, you can maintain the natural flow of teaching. Units should be fabricated in such a way as to improve understanding and enhance your childs thirst for knowledge. They should help the child to gain an insight into the subject and develop skills that will help him or her in the future.

Homeschool Curriculum and other useful information can be found at http://www.citizenschool.com. The best site for all of your Homeschoolingneeds.

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