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The Amazing Features of the Apple iPod nano Reasons why you should get one

Shocking as it was, the iPod nano came out the same day the iPod mini was introduced then discontinued. A move by Apple that is quite unorthodox but still a good seller. The nano combined the features of the iPod and the iPod shuffle which drew the attention of both types of iPod enthusiasts.

This is a portable digital music player that is considered to be a trendsetter as well as a must have for all music aficionados. It is common knowledge that iPod has led its corner of its market since its unveiling in 200. With the fourth iPod, the nano, they have further increased their lead over the competition. But why choose the iPod nano over the multitude of portable and compact digital muic players being offered today? For a couple of good reasons; Its very thin, compact and lightweight. You can just place it anywhere with you and you wouldn't even notice it was there if not for the great music coming out from the earplugs.

For its size, you can either have a 2 gb or 4 gb flash memory space which means, you can carry 500-1000 songs wherever you go. Fantastic technology. It has a state of the art processor, good system performance, and great flash memory. It's specially designed and manufactured to provide skip-free playback.

Say goodbye to the problem portable CD players never fully solved. Its system requirements are very basic which means you don't have to spend more money just to upgrade your computer. either a MAC OS x 10.3.4 with a USB port or Windows 2000 SP4 or windows XP will do just fine.

The iPod nano doesn't just play music. You can carry photos and view it there as well. You can listen to audio books or read ebooks through its notes feature. The Apple click wheel makes it easy to navigate. With its shuffle feature, you can play music in random order, because as Apple said, "Life is Random.

" You get access to iTunes and be synchronized with it and the iTunes music store, which means you get access to the world's largest collection and selection of digital music. It has many accessories available so you can customize it anytime you want. Change the look of your iPod nano every week or even everyday. It would feel like you have a different new nano every time. Also, you will be protecting it from scratches and damage as well.

It can be used with earphones or a dock connector. This means you can carry it with you, plug it into your car, use it with speakers, at home or at an outing. This also means that your iPod nano can go wherever you go. Aside from the said features, the nano can also be loaded with other goodies. It also has a screen lock for security purposes, stopwatch, and a world clock that will show the time in the different places around the world. Apple iPod nano is now the new star in the field of the iPod family; you can go for accessories that will enable you to attach the iPod around your neck, on your belt or your arm to keep it in check at all times.

With its lightweight, you will need it to be attached to you at all times lest you forget your carrying it with you.

S. Stammberger is editor of Rapper World. Download Rap Beats, Instrumentals, and more.

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