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Top 10 MP3 Players

1) Rio Carbon
2) Apple iPod
3) Zen Micro
4) Creative MuVo TX FM
5) Rio Forge Sport
6) Panasonic SL SV570
7) iRiver iFP-790T
8) Archos
9) Rio Nitrus
10) RCA Lyra RD1080

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MP3 Music

Have You Considered a Digital Music Player?
If you're an aficionado of music, a digital music player could be your best friend. Could you imagine carrying around every CD that you own in the pocket of your jacket? That maybe seem crazy if you're unfamiliar with MP3 jukeboxes, but the reality is that you can do that if you want to, and it's cheaper than you think!

Digital Music News

New Sony Players Drop Price to Match iPod
[March 9, 2005] It was only last October that I wrote about Sony's "new" digital music portables. Both were unimpressive looking devices and had very high prices for flash players. The Sony NW-E99 and NW-E95 sold for $300 for 1GB and $255 for 512MB respectively. The Sony NW-S23 S2 Sports Network Walkman sold for $230 for only 256MB.


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